giovedì 11 novembre 2010

WebDroid is out

WebDroid is now available on the Android Market

WebDroid is a Web Server for Android that allows to access to your device from any web browser.

File explorer features:
* fully ajax based
* browse, delete and upload multiple files
* inline preview of images and mp3 files!
* password restriction

Check it out!

venerdì 17 settembre 2010

BK Task Manager is out

BKTaskManager is now available on the Android Market

* One click kill support
* Advanced features like autokill
* Widget
* Modern UI

I hope you'll find this tool useful and if you have suggestions, feel free to contact me.

P.S.: I cannot respond to the comments in the market, just contact me by mail :)

martedì 7 settembre 2010

New version of Waterize and Panorama live wallpapers!

A new version of Waterize Live Wallpaper and Panorama Live Wallpaper has just been released on the Android Market, grab it while it's hot :)
New versions of both live wallpapers are just bugfix/optimizations releases but the "free versions" now includes a banner in the settings page: I hope it's not very annoying for you. I'm actually using AdMob since my AdSense account is still under review...

I'm still working on a new task manager (BKTaskManager) and I hope to release a preliminary version it in the next week.

lunedì 6 settembre 2010


I'm actually working on a new Android task manager named BKTaskManager.
It will be a free app and I hope to manage developing all of the feature of the best task managers (free and not free) in the market.
If you have any suggestion or request feel free to ask it here :)

venerdì 3 settembre 2010

Waterize 1.5.0 is out!

I just released Waterize 1.5.0 on the Android Market.
The most important features for this release are Sound effects (only for the full version) and localizations for Spanish, German and French. If you have any problem or suggestions about this release please contact me by mail or on this blog since a cannot respond to the comments on the market...

giovedì 2 settembre 2010

Working on Waterize 1.5.0

I'm currently working on the next version of Waterize Live Wallpaper that will be released in the next few days. The major new feature will be audio effects for water ripples, I hope you'll enjoy it :)

martedì 31 agosto 2010

Panorama Live Wallpaper released!

Panorama Live Wallpaper is now available on the Android Market

Free version features:
- 3 predefined images
- motion blur!

Full version features:
- 6 images
- custom image support
- multitouch zoom
- sensors/screen rotation!
- parameters tweaks